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I am sorry I missed last week, But it's good news! I got promoted to full time at my main job with a pay raise, so I was able to quit my other job (bye bye, retail!!!) and now have a set schedule! Also, I went out of state to see Panic! at the Disco! so the week was packed full, but I am now back on track!

Next page next Monday, see you then!

In the meantime, my other comic I am Not Corey Ramses! Will resume updates on Friday, if you want to get caught back up and participate in an ask the characters anything event, here it is on SJ!

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Posted by Rei_

Aah wish I could see panic live
Anyway, welcome back^
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Posted by Hawkflame

I like this summoner guy he is funny
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Posted by YukixKaname1

Ohh congrats!! Also ayee I also saw Panic! live and I got to touch Brendon as he walked by us~
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Posted by Abeille-Femelle

@YukixKanane1 first off, I love your username and secondly which location did you see him at and you are SO LUCKY
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