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Yes yes all this exposition is nice but can we GET TO THE PART WHERE THEY MAKE OUT??

ALSO ALSO! Got a image carousel up on the Extras page (Button in page menu or ) Has some extra art and a link to read the original NSFW comic! I'll try to mention it in comments when more art goes up. There's a nekkid cuddle smooches with booty~

FYI, I post in-progress and extra art on my twitter as well:

Back on the regular update train! See ya'll next Monday! Thank you for your best wishes :)

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Posted by FinyMime

Ahhh that seems like so much more than a necklace owo
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Posted by Gnildryw

Thanks for the hint about the extras - they're lovely images (plus made me go and read the old one again - ah, I can't wait to see where this new version is going, it can only be epic) <3
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Posted by lazy-lil-king

@FinyMime: Oh, oh it is <3 we delve more into that on the next two pages, and really set the premise for the rest of the comic!

@Gnildryw: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I really took the year to set up a much better plot for this reboot, beyond just having a strong character base and I hope it shows <3
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Posted by Finy (Guest)

I vaguely recall you're never suppose to 'give' your name. So it definitely sets up the suspense for the story owo
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