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Everyone who read the first comic knows his bolster about blowjobs is a exaggeration.

I have been back to back sick since November 9th. My gallbladder decided to revolt (we caught it before surgery was needed, a diet change helped it go away,) then an infection hit my kidneys, then sick form the antibiotics and now side effects from a new antianxiety medication on TOP of my chronic nerve pain made worse by the winter

I just.


The next page is halfway done but no guarantee on it being out in a week, although i sure as shit will try. I've missed ya'll. Check me out on Twitter

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Posted by Taketheheart

Dang! You've had one heck of a health-ride there. Sucks. Hope things get better.
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Posted by Xabel Mind

Hope you get better! ,:I
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Posted by Aiyse

Wow that totally was graphic. *LOL*

Ugh! Sorry to hear about the health issues! Hope you get to feeling better soon!
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