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Happy Haloween!!!
And a happy new reboot! I've missed this comic and all of it's readers so much.

Tl;dr: I've missed ya'll, weekly updates for now, check out twitter for wip's and other stuff

The time away has not been spent in vain, I've taken the time to really fix world building and plot issues I neglected on the first run, found a simple way to ensure continuity without confusion, and learned to art a little better which is... phenominal, honestly.
Update goal is twice weekly, but until a buffer is built up I'm sticking to weekly. That was a huge downfall in the first attempt, where I had a lot of pages done and got overzealous and put them up all at once and in my rush to build it back up I kind of... ran mad and didn't put quality in. So this time, we're doing it right.

No Patreon for now, I don't have the time atm to devote to it like last time since I'm on that two job grind, but once it seems it can help even out I'll do a test run.

I'm trying to be a little more active on twitter, where a lot of other comic artists I follow are, so be sure to check it out for WIP's and other shenanigans.

I'll see ya'll next wednesday! I LOVE YOU ALL

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Posted by Gnildryw

Weee! So glad to see you're back :D
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Posted by lovelessbutterfly

so excited to see you again and DAYUM that kiss angle!!!
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